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Wedding Garter Ideas

Garter Ideas to solve your check list!

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A garter is a 'traditional' part of a wedding and has been for hundreds of years... but personalise it and make it unique to you!

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You can solve your 'Something Blue' with blue embroidered text, (your names, your nicknames, the date of your wedding) or a tiny bow inside. 

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Choose a vintage lace garter or add a lucky sixpence bag, from the 'added extras' section, for your 'Something Old'.

The sixpence bags contain a genuine silver sixpence from the reign of King George VI or Elizabeth II. Sometimes we're asked to include a specific year, and we'll always try to find yours :-)

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Your 'Something New' can be your garter lovingly handmade for you from start to finish x

In a recent survey we asked our shoppers why they were buying a garter...

Although most people didn't actually give it as a reason for their purchase, everyone was buying a garter because it was tradition to have one on your wedding day...''I bought a garter for my daughter in law for their wedding -something blue I guess. It's ceretainly not something I go shopping in! Ruth''

Here are some of their comments

Hi, I was a mixture of Something blue and Tradition. Wanted a garter as it was the traditional thing and wanted a gift for the bride, plus it was a bonus it was blue! Liz

Tradition and your garters were the prettiest I saw!!! Janet

Blue and unique, but I liked what you offered as was different to the high street. Was stylish, good quality and different. Hope that helps Kr Mariella

Hi, it was all 3! But I wanted something extra special and personal for our wedding day. Something I could keep. Rachael Ginn 

It's tradition in my family for mum to buy her daughters garter,only have 2 left,loved them by the way x Trish

It's tradition, & I’ve kept it as a keepsake, it’s so beautifully made :-)

I needed one it's traditional. The fact that it also covered the something blue was a bonus! Ceri

Hi Catherine, It's a mix of all three, I bought it for my best friend for her wedding day, it covered all bases it's new, it's blue and it's a personal touch she can keep for ever! She got me one the following year for my wedding fantastic pressie! Would definitely recommend. Martina

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Something Blue

It was to cover something blue & it was a special gift from me to my best friend & she loved it! Natasha

 I need this something blue for my daughters wedding, thanks she loved it so special. Mary x

Bought this for my friends something blue...(though i didn't make it to the wedding on time and am saving it as a 5th anniversary present!) Katie

Hi there, I’m a something blue – but, also wanted it to be beautiful and good quality. Kind regards Fiona

A blue garter bought for my best friend, I was her maid of honour. Jackie

Blue and unique...Your garters are beautiful and unique, I have recommended you to many. Kind regards Cassie

Hi Catherine, It was a combination....wanted Leeds United as husbands favourite team and it also had some blue on it. Regards Sarah Cox

My best friend was getting married and she needed a blue garter. Thanks Alison

Hi Catherine, I bought it as my best friend was getting married in Vegas. She was wearing navy blue suede shoes. I wanted something special for her to keep and be fitting into her theme. She loved it Jen 

I’m something blue Catherine and I need another garter for August. Another daughter getting married. Haha x


Something unique

Hello Catherine, My purple garter ordered from you was worn to our wedding and was perfect for the colour scheme as it certainly wasn't traditional with us being in our forties - hope the photo's help! Kay

''I wanted something unique, as wanted a Mrs Coleman garter for my wedding day. I loved it! Thank you Georgina''

Your service , prompt attention and fantastic detail is so unique,

with much appreciation. Kerry

Something blue and tradition. and I wanted something that stood out - if I'm going to flash my leg it needs to be for a good reason! Clair

I wanted something traditional but unique, and it was perfect.

The garter was for a wedding, so I was looking for something containing blue, but most of all, I wanted something that looked special, unique, pretty and made of I think the second reason fits best.


Tradition! Both the garters I bought were for brides. They were greatly appreciated too!! Sally

Hi Catherine, It was something unique. The garter is a personal, cherished item from my wedding (& sexy too!).

Hope that helps, Kind regards, Eleanor

I wanted something unique which I couldn't find anywhere else, thank you for that. Regards Debbie

I bought my garter from you because my husband is Scottish and we chose to have a particular tartan so I wanted to incorporate that into my little surprise. I absolutely loved it and would highly recommend you. I will keep my 'wait idyl' garter forever. All the best Michelle McCue 

Hi Catherine, I bought a Newcastle United and white, as a surprise for my elder daughter's future husband who is a N U supporter. All my children are now married, so will probably not need any more of your garters. However, I was very pleased with the good quality and service you supplied. I would definitely recommend you. Kindest regards, Sandra

Hi, I wanted something personal and good quality (not tacky!) I bought this one as I wanted to sew a personal item to it to make it even more special. I guess that makes me a something unique. Thanks Claire

Hi Catherine, I researched many companies that sold garters online and wanted something unique, my Garter was incorporated with chelsea fc as my husband is a huge fan, I chose your site because I could see the quality of the products from your site and you showed many ranges of your styles, I was very happy with my Garter and to this day is still out on display, Many thanks, Samantha 


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Hello Catherine, I'm wanted a garter because it's tradition, needed something blue and found the personalised garter perfect. :-) Good luck with your business! Maja

I bought it as a "hen night" gift and the bride wanted a vintage type wedding. Patricia 

Hi Catherine, I wanted something for my friends to wear on their wedding day that would be both traditional and unique. The first garter was so pretty and was so well received that I bought another one for the bride at the next wedding I was invited to. Kind regards Lesley

I just wanted a garter for my big sister's wedding day but I wanted it to be beautiful and your options on your website ticked the boxes.Gail

Hi Catherine, I've bought two garters from you. They were presents for my daughters who were getting married. I guess it's tradition. The garters were a success and tossed by the brides to the guests in the time honoured way. All the best. Robert 

I wanted a garter that would fit in with my colour scheme for my wedding. I needed one that'd fit my thunder thighs too! Julia


Hello Catherine, Thank you for your email, i never really thought about it like that :) I brought my garter from yourselves because in a way its linked to both the unique and traditional reasons that you listed. I wanted a garter as it is tradition. However, i also wanted it personalised with my new married name and date for a memory keepsake and to have the theme colour of my wedding. I hope this has helped you. Gillian Parry

I just loved your design and you did them for larger ladies ;-). Xx Tanya

Hi Catherine, I was all three! Looking for something special for my daughter on her big day & your garters just fitted the bill it is something to treasure we were delighted with it & the service you gave us. Many Thanks Margaret 

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None of those! I bought the garter for my daughter for her wedding, having trawled more sites than I can remember (she did not want a lace one) I found a fabulous one on your site which she loved. Sue Bowles
Hi Catherine, I'm neither none of them......... the reason I purchased from you was because you did a PLUS SIZE range. It became quite a talking point actually as I had overestimated how big I needed and it fell off in the church during the ceremony........ we were all full of giggles and has become a memory which always brings big smiles to our faces ! Kind Regards Suzy :)

For my sisters wedding - I wanted to buy something personal, blue and new for her. Hope that helps. Virginia

I wanted something unique and sexy. It wasn't for a wedding - I just wanted a garter I guess to surprise my fella and help him see a side of me he doesn't know. Joanna

It was something completely different. My husband took me to Venice for the carnival and we were dressing in traditional costumes so I just wanted a garter to finish it off. Hope this helps and good luck with your business. Angela

loved the vintage look and the quality, ie that it is silk, not polyester or something like that. Vibeke

Hi Catherine, I chose the garter from you because my daughter, Katie, was having a vintage wedding and I wanted a garter that would fit this era.
It was also important to me to give Katie a garter that was both good quality and beautiful.
I was extremely happy with my choice, as was Katie. I know that she will treasure it and keep it always.
My other daughter, Jessie, is getting married next year and I will definitely be getting her garter from you too.
Keep up the good work! I know that businesses always need to evolve with new products etc, but don’t stop doing the things that you do really well! Kind regards Gill 

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