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bespoke garter embroidery

Bespoke Wedding Garter…

It’s so exciting hearing about your wedding and how I can make pieces that tie in to your special memories and loves!

Looking for a special garter for her best friend

My client was looking for a special keepsake gift for her friend. Something that showed thought and conveyed how special their friendship was.

The Bespoke Garter Process

personalised wedding garter

What Would You Like?

The couple were engaged on holiday in Japan, in the springtime, when the trees were covered in cherry blossom and had chosen spring for their wedding too, so pink for the cherry blossom was important.

They loved fun and quirkiness and the bride, with a love of dinosaurs, had chosen bespoke dinosaur shoes to go under her wedding dress!

Bringing the design to life!

bespoke garter embroidery

Bespoke Wedding Garter With Hand Embroidery…

The band of the garter is beautiful cotton Nottingham lace and the pattern is dense enough to hold the tiny hand embroidered stitches.

A fox was chosen for the groom and the embroidery was placed each side of the cherry blossom pink initials.

Their names and wedding date were also hidden inside.

Then Some Gorgeous French Tulle

unique tulle wedding garter

My client loved the French tulle lace, of the Ayana garter and this was slotted into the silk lining.

A crystal between the initials, completed this unique wedding garter!

The garters in my shop are a great place to look for ideas, if you’re thinking of having a special garter made.

You’ll also find lots of inspiration on my blog too.

The Garter is Finished!

bespoke garter embroidery

A Unique Bespoke Wedding Garter

Gift boxed, ready to be given to the bride at a special afternoon tea!

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing the design process.

It’s a wonderful collaboration of ideas, mixing garter designs with your own unique loves.

If you’d like a special garter, please message me

I do hope you love my work!

Please look through the blog and the garters in my shop, they’re a great start for your own bespoke piece! Contact me with your own ideas too, I’d love to make something special for you! Catherine x