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πŸ’• Happy Mothers Day!πŸ’•

😍 Creating a family heirloom, wedding garter 😍

After my last passionate outburst, I wanted to share something really special with you… I love my job, but I’ve realised I don’t just make bridal garters.

I help mothers to create amazing moments with their daughters.

Lace wedding garter set gift for the bride from Mother

Gillian came to me asking for the ‘Meghan’ wedding garter set for her daughter, in silver…

The garters are wonderful, my daughter is over the moon, I think she’s going to give her main bridesmaid the other one rather than toss it, she says it’s to lovely to toss!
Thank you, it’s added something really special to the wedding. Gillian x

Cats charm wedding garter bride gift from mum

Cat charm wedding garter custom made for Josie, to give to her daughter…

Mothers come to me with ideas for a garter they know their daughter will love. I bring their ideas to life, carefully stitching and boxing their unique gift.

When they present it to their daughter, they tell me their reaction is amazing!

But it doesn’t end there… After the wedding their daughter treasures her garter in its keepsake box, to pass on to her own daughter when it’s her wedding day. How wonderful is that!

Claire sent in this great photo and messaged me to say her step daughter has already decided that she will wear Claires garter on her own wedding day!

😍 I hope you have an amazing time, spending the day with the people you love… I will too 😍

Happy Mothers Day πŸ’•

Catherine xx