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I lost my mother when I was 11 years old. My something old was my mothers wedding ring… It was also my something borrowed, being just 11, all my mums jewellery had been given to my elder sister.

I remember driving to the church with my Dad and showing him my ‘something old’.

‘For goodness sake, don’t show me that now, you’ll set me off’ was his reply…

He always cried at weddings, funny, the only time I saw him with a tear in his eye.

We had her wedding dress and two dresses she wore as a bridesmaid, a blue jacquard satin and a daffodil jacquard satin… As children we’d used them as dressing up clothes, I cringe looking back on it now, the quality of the fabric had been amazing, it’s precious importance, not appreciated as children, such a waste!

As an adult, my view of her things would have been so different.

Now, if I’d have found a wedding garter in her possessions that would have been amazing.

There is something intensely poignant about being able to reconnect with a past that’s been lost.

That’s something I try to do for my brides, nans ring, bows from mums garter, dads favourite flowers embroidered onto a garter…

I know where you’re coming from, I’ve been there, wanting to hold on to that connection.

With an heirloom garter that connection is preserved, passed on…

You pass on your garter with its unique story… I include the cards for ‘Nottingham lace’ and ‘English heritage’ but that’s nothing compared to your heritage and your story. Why you chose the garter you did, why you added those details.

If you want to pass on your garter, pour your heart into what you choose, tell her why it’s precious, this isn’t just fabric and lace, this is love, family, a piece of you  xx