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I was asked to make a unique garter for a quirky ‘Wizard of Oz’ styled shoot and decided on this Dorothys shoes garter.

Making the red shoes garter

I started by sketching out the tiny red shoes, then hand embroidering on to silk dupion fabric. The 2mm stitches took ages, but it was a glorious summers day and hand sewing can be taken anywhere! I enjoyed sitting on the swingseat in my garden, surrounded by nature, it didn’t feel like work at all.

With two red threads held together, one shimmer, the other normal cotton for thickness, I gradually worked my way around the shoes, with tiny 2mm stitches. Outlining the insoles with blue thread.

Small red silver lined seed beeds created the ‘buckle’ embelishment.

Dorothys-Red-shoes-wedding-garter hand embroidery

I had been thinking of taking the ‘yellow brick road’ theme quite literally, embroidering the text onto silk ribbon. However the combination of sky blue lace and yellow ribbon, although matching the styled shoot, didn’t feel right…

Dorothys Red shoes wedding garter

This is often how I work, watching how things evolve and changing things up as needed…

The shoot featured a 1940’s style dress with sky blue and poppy red. I decided to create a garter like the popular ‘Meg’, using tea to dye the cotton Nottingham lace and slotting with a peach silk ribbon. The garter was also lined with peach silk for comfort. Hand-stitched blue silk ribbon roses and fine bows, in peach and blue, to help the little shoes stand out.

The finished garter

Dorothys Red shoes wedding garter hand embroidered bespoke

Would you like a handmade wedding garter with unique embroidery? I’d love to make something special for you.

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This unique styled shoot featured on Unconventional Wedding and Marry Me Ink also a small write up on the Silk Garters Blog here