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You would not believe the amount of black lace I have in stock, I’m sorry… I have to admit, I’m a collector of everything beautiful… Whether I (or my customers) need it, if I see it and it is beautiful, I have to have it.

This is a lovely heavy French lace that  I’ve hand-beaded with little black droplets and gold seed beads.

I say heavy because it’s the most gorgeous Calais lace with a heavy cord thread, when you wear it you feel it has substance to it.

So many of the cheap modern laces are just so flimsy and have no definition in their design…

I had three of these gorgeous garters ordered by a friend of the bride, for the bride herself and her two maids. A proud Cornish man, he was looking for a Cornish wedding garter as a gorgeous gift to give to the bride… He found this wedding garter in black and gold (Cornish flag colours) and decided to gift them to the bride and her two maids.

All were beautifully boxed and sent… They received a lovely review…

“I collected the three garters this morning. They are exquisite, thank you so
much. I’m sure that the bride will be thrilled with them.

Thank you again, and best regards,