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I’ve decided to start sewing again for me…

I always used to make my own clothes, (if you’ve read the about us page, you’ll see I was handmaking my clothes age 12) but looking back, the last major project I made was my wedding dress.

Our wedding, showing off the hand embroidered bodice of my wedding dress

When I took on the shop I used to laugh and say I didn’t have time to make for me anymore, I did all my sewing for work, I realise now, that was quite sad. We are all unique and when I stopped making my own clothes, I lost some of my uniqueness- I lost some of me…

I’ve made odd projects since, some dresses and a playsuit for a holiday in Borneo. The two dresses I loved, the playsuit I wore once on a sightseeing trip of the Island BIG MISTAKE! The loos were a hole in the floor…Too late I realised my problem – I had to strip down to my bra!

ditsy print wip

Anyway, since then I’ve made two ditsy print dresses, never finished, because I decided they didn’t really suit me and an embroidered wool shift dress. I wore it once, my boys said ‘That black doesn’t really suit you mum, you should wear colour’ 🙁 I had bought enough to make a dress and coat or suit too.

Luxury designer garter

A customer for my wedding garters, told me she makes all her own clothes, but couldn’t make a wedding garter for her daughter because she couldn’t find the materials, quality laces and trimmings. I realised that’s something I’ve been struggling with too. I love beautiful quality natural fabrics and making do with what I can find locally, isn’t really inspiring, hence the unfinished ditsy projects!

I think I’ve lost confidence in making for me too, more than half of recent projects, I’ve never worn of finished and that goes for knitting too. It’s as if I don’t know what suits me any more…

So here I am, I’m going on a journey, discovering me again and you’re welcome to join me – I’d love to see your projects and hear your thoughts on mine too.