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Lucy with her friend Laura, at Laura’s wedding



Thank you Lucy for sending in this lovely photo…


Lucy chose our deep lace ruffle garter for her friend Laura. It’s an unusual ivory lace, extremely soft, with a large floral design. It would probably be classed as vintage because it’s at least 30 years old ( though all new on the rolls) it came from one of the old Nottingham Lace Factories, Welbeck Lace, now sadly no-longer in business.


Deep lace ruffle garter chosen by Lucy



Suppliers quite often make ribbons for just one season, so stocks of trimmings are quite often limited, and i’m afraid the blue, shimmer stripe, ribbon is no-longer made…


We’ve changed the central ribbon from the blue shown above, to an ivory, to move with trends that are happening now, but this garter has always remained a best seller! We’re now on the last roll of this unique lace, so I’m afraid it won’t be available for much longer…


Deep lace ruffle garter available now



This is the deep lace ruffle pictured with it’s sheer, ivory central ribbon and lovely satin long tail bow. The flower circled with blue beads, is a slightly deeper blue than in the picture.


This is what another customer said about our deep lace ruffle garter…


”Many thanks I received it this morning and I’m really happy its so pretty + the gift box is lovely. My friends daughter will love it on her wedding day so thanks once again + for the fast service.

Kind Regards



(Beverley is from Ramsgate, Kent) She chose our ’Deep ivory lace ruffle garter, with a sheer flower’ for £16.99 and added a gift box in the ‘added extras’ section.


This garter was also a choice for one of our grooms buying for his bride-to-be. He specially requested we make it with a blue ribbon to match the flower and stitch on a matching little pocket, for him to include his mothers wedding ring…a lovely idea…we made sure it was super secure, with something so precious!