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Review from Heat “ We spat out our drinks laughing…It’s fun and frivolous – we liked it a lot”

Sophie Kinsella Blue Wedding Garters

I’ve read most of the Sophie Kinsella ‘Shopaholic’ series, they’re a fabulously funny read, where the well meaning heroine Becky Brandon seems to go from one scrape to another. You’re taken on a roller coaster ride of emotions, with everything working out well in the end :-) Great if you’re looking for a light hearted, feel good read.

I’ve enjoyed them so much it spurred me on to find anything else she’s written, I’ve just finished ‘I’VE GOT YOUR NUMBER’… In places it made me laugh out loud, in others you really felt for Poppy, a totally engaging book.


A hilarious storyline where Poppy loses her mobile phone and her antique emerald engagement ring that had originally belonged to Magnus’s grandmother. As the plot twists and turns you’re kept guessing all the way through, but towards the end when Poppy is waiting in a side room of the church for her bridesmaids to arrive (they’re stuck in traffic), the author touches on the significance of a blue garter on your wedding day…

Excerpt from ‘I’ve got your number’ by Sophie Kinsella,

“Argh! Going as quick as we can. Anyway you’re supposed to be late. It’s good luck. Have you still got your blue garter on?”

Annalise was so obsessed by me wearing a blue garter that she brought along three different choices this morning. I’m sorry, what are garters all about? To be frank, I could really do without a length of tight elastic cutting off my leg circulation right now – but I promised her faithfully I’d keep it on.

“Of course! Even though my leg will probably fall off now. Nice surprise for Magnus on the wedding night.”

I smile as I send the text. It’s cheering me up, having this stupid conversation…


You can take a look at our Wedding Garter Traditions page for some great, in depth information on why we have certain rituals at weddings…I’m just touching on a few in the book quote here…

It’s traditionally expected for the bride to be 5 minutes late but I haven’t found anything that says it’s considered lucky? If you’re having a registrar I think you really do need to be on time… They may have another booking after you and not have time to wait around for you to arrive…And how will your H2B feel to be kept waiting? It’s a nervous time for every one; will he start to wonder if you’re coming?

Blue is the colour of virginity and constance, ‘those dressed in blue have lovers true’…

Garters were worn to hold up stockings, but as lingerie has evolved, they’re not an essential part of our everyday wardrobe any more…Although they are a romantic, traditional, accessory for your wedding!

Wedding garters don’t have to be bought at ‘one size fits all’ department stores (cutting off your circulation), where Annalise seems to be shopping. Websites like our www.silkgarters.co.uk cater for every bride and can make a comfortable bridal garter, whatever size you would like. All sizes included from petite 12″ to XL plus size 34″ plus more to order!

You can even go bespoke and add personal details, making your wedding garter extra special. Some of our most beautiful brides photos are where the bride has chosen a theme personal to her H2B and he’s gobsmacked when he see it for the first time

This is just so lovely...you can see him thinking, you had that design made in my regiment colours!

This is just so lovely…You can see him thinking, ‘You’ve had that garter made in my regiment colours!’

So how will you make your wedding garter special?