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💕😍🤩 Love Flamingos? 🤩😍💕

I’ve been caught up in the love of flamingos that is sweeping the world…

My lovely friend Barb of the protective shoe brand ‘Scuffles’ has a cute little flamingo logo. They’re everywhere from christmas decorations to shoes, fabric prints and flamingo themed party goods. Pantone have chosen ‘living coral’ as the colour of 2019 and that can’t be a coincidence can it?

I thought I’d love to make a flamingo garter and started my design process… I must admit I’m not one for sketching really, I do, and that was the way I was taught to design when I was at Fashion College (Eeek how long ago was that!) but working with the actual materials has always felt a lot more natural to me, maybe I’m just impatient because I just couldn’t wait to get started on this.

Flamingo wedding garter design process

My design process …

You know I have a huge selection of lace just crying out to be made into garters and this delicate blush pink was the perfect shade for the flamingos.

I’d learned from when I made the Meghan garter that too much of something beautiful can lead to it losing some of its beauty and becoming too busy. I thought instead of adding the flamingo charms at every drop, they would stand out more if they were interspersed with Swarovski pearl drops.

Making the flamingo wedding garter

Are you a flamingo bride? Is this garter for you?

I’ve started, given you an idea of what it will look like, but I’m leaving it a little while now. You can purchase it in my shop and work with me to finish it 💕😍🤩

This is leila, just to give you an idea of how I would imaging the flamingo garter finished…

Leila wedding garter

Brides love the Leila wedding garter…