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Are you confused about which size wedding garter you will need?



Unlike your usual clothing which comes in ‘Standard’ sizing, the size of your wedding garter will depend on where on your leg you choose to wear it.


If you’re having a garter photo or have a tight dress, you may decide to wear your garter just above the knee (A hand-span or 4”) and may need a smaller size…


Are you usually a plus size? You may not need a plus size garter…


To find your size, you will need to measure your leg, where you would like to wear your garter. Don’t worry if you don’t have a soft tape measure, you can use anything flat narrow and non-stretchy and then measure that against a ruler

Your measurement should be snug, but not tight, with the flat garters, you want to create a smooth line.


Choosing a ruffled garter, is slightly different…


I know with all the dashing around before the wedding, the weight just dropped off me, so if you’re someone who loses weight when they get a bit stressed and your measurement is a borderline size, you will be better off going for the size down.

e.g. with sizes 14”-22” (35cm- 56cm) and 20”-26” (50cm-66cm), if you’re 20” (50cm), choose the 14”-22” (35cm-56cm), this will still be secure, even with a little weight loss.


If you’re unsure just give me a call… 077 8080 1102

You can have any size garter made, so don’t worry if you fall outside my standard sizes. I know petite brides particularly struggle to find their perfect size, so just let me know what you need and I can either make a garter for you or alter the existing standard size, that’s no problem!