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 A Gift for Your Bride

I’m here to help you find the perfect romantic gift for your bride. I want your bride to love what you choose. So anything you’re unsure about, just contact me on 077 8080 1102 (text or call) This was a lovely message from Lisa “Fell in love with my garter that my husband had made specially for our magical day. It was perfect!” A romantic groom to bride gift!

Below is the gorgeous Leila garter. Soft French lace, I hand embellish with luxurious Swarovski crystal pearls. It’s part of my designer collection and unique to Silk Garters, you can personalise it inside with an embroidered message of love. It will arrive beautifully gift boxed, ready to give!

Leila luxury wedding garter

Choosing a Garter

Choosing a garter is also much easier than choosing lingerie, because you don’t have the minefield of bra sizes to contend with!

Just think about the clothes she wears and what your bride is like as a person…

Elegant and simple garters

Does your bride like classy, elegant and simple styles, that are not too showy?

This is the gorgeous Constance garter, I hand embroider this rare Nottingham lace with freshwater pearls…

Dubai wedding gift for the bride, unique handmade wedding garter

Dainty narrow garters

Would she like a garter that was dainty, delicate and discreet? With pretty details?

Meghan wedding garter set

This is the lovely Megan set, dainty and delicate with hand embroidered roses. See the tiny crystals? Does your bride like a little sparkle?

Sleek Garter ivory Pretty Maids

Or the new ‘Pretty Maids’ garter, perfect under slim fitting dresses

Dramatic garters

Or would she choose a confident statement piece?
A bride chose this for herself in black and gold to match her wedding theme…When she ordered, she told me her Husband-to-Be was a lorry driver, and after their wedding, he was going to hang it from the rear view mirror of his truck!

Black wedding garter beaded dream wedding

This bespoke set was chosen by a groom, to be made as a gift for his bride! He said, she loved the designer Alexander McQueen and Victoriana. Skulls tassels and roses, the set is really quite unique isn’t it! What does your bride love? What could we weave some magic around, to create the perfect garter keepsake, she’ll treasure?

Romantic groom to bride gift

Fancy and feminine garters

Does she love flowers?

Romantic groom to bride gift

Some pieces are wearable art…

feminine wedding garter

You can choose colours, add text and make your gift unique…

Classic and traditional garters

Does she love tradition? The Darcie garter is two luxurious layers of Nottingham lace, I’ve had specially made on a cotton tulle, instead of the usual nylon. It’s slotted with silk ribbons for her ‘Something Blue’.

Luxury wedding garter Something blue Darcie

Or the Lucky sixpence garter. It’s a tradition that a sixpence has been given to the bride on her wedding day, for hundreds of years.

lucky sixpence wedding garter

 Sixpence bags

A lucky sixpence bag can be added to any of the wedding garters, containing a genuine vintage sixpence. Traditionally given to the bride for prosperity, one of these Queen Elizabeth II or King George VI sixpences will also cover the ‘Something Old’ 🙂

Some of my brides give the little sixpence bag to their groom, to carry in his breast pocket, over his heart. Isn’t that so romantic! Would your bride like you to carry the matching sixpence bag?

Sixpence bags for lucky brides

They can also be stitched to the garter or tied into the bouquet.

Personalised Garters

If you’re giving your bride your surname, why not have it embroidered on the garter? Seeing ‘Mrs. Your Surname’ embroidered on her garter is quite often the first time she sees it in text 🙂 Alternatively, you can have both your names and you can add the date too…You’ll always remember your wedding anniversary!

custom colours wedding garter personalised

Or you can add your names inside, this is a wedding garter part-made, when it’s finished the text is all hidden inside, of course it’s a lovely keepsake!

Harry and Meghan personalised wedding garter inside

We had some lovely feedback from Lisa, her husband had chosen the personalised roses lace garter, undeniably romantic, with a sixpence bag and a garter to toss…



Gift Sets

Would your bride like you to add a garter to toss?
In the USA a bride will wear her main garter, plus a narrower simpler version, however she removes the narrow one, to be tossed to the male guests

Ivory silk wedding garter set

A  narrow toss garter for her groom to toss to the single gents, much the same as the bride tosses her bouquet to the single ladies.

luxury wedding horseshoe personalised

😍 Wedding garter and lucky horshoe sets

You’ll find a selection of our most popular sets here, but you can also have a set specially made to your design.

Luxury wedding garter set

This is the full Ayana set in pure silk, the flowers are stitched with crystals… The horseshoes are often given to the bride by a small child, they feel so important, of course, the star of the show! Perfect if you have a little one.

You can even do what this groom did and choose one garter for the wedding day and another for after the wedding 🙂

Dubai wedding garters

Above: Would she love the custom colours wedding garters, most important, what colours would she love? I make them using pure silk and softest cotton, Nottingham lace, lastly I’ll embroidered with your special text…

Whatever you choose in fact, it will arrive beautifully gift wrapped, ready for you to give.

romantic groom to bride gift

Some of the romantic pieces I’ve made have been chosen by the groom, I hope you’ve found these ideas interesting! Click on any of the images to see more info in the shop and then message me if you need help, above all I want you and your bride to be thrilled with your choice!

I’d love you to contact me if you’d like a bespoke design or if you need any help choosing your gift.

Catherine 😁