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Garters for Bridesmaids

Treat your bridesmaids to garters too!

This gorgeous set was made for Maxine, her main garter was the 'Custom colours' and she chose narrow matching garters for her 6 Bridesmaids and one to toss too :-)

The gorgeous 'Filigree lace' wedding garter with a silk underlay and pearls

Asking your attendants to wear garters too makes fabulous fun photos for your album...
There are lots of great photos on pinterest and blogs where the bridesmaids have decided to wear garters and join in the fun! 

Thanks Lauren for sending in this great photo :-) having fun on her wedding day with her bridesmaids....
Lauren chose our Deep Teal wedding garter, a perfect match for her bridesmaid dresses!


This is a beautiful set we were asked to make, for a wedding this summer. The main personalised wedding garter is our 'Designer Silk' there is a dainty little matching garter to toss and two co-ordinating bridesmaid garters. This is a lovely garter set and your bridesmaids have a luxurious keepsake of your wedding too!


  • This is a wedding photo from 1989, the days of big hair and big dresses! Get the groomsmen involved and you will have everyone laughing, making a really fun photo for the album!

  • At the reception after a glass of champagne and everyone is feeling much more relaxed pintrest

Choosing to wear a garter doesn't mean you have to have a photo...You may be wearing it for his eyes only - wearing it all day just makes you feel that extra bit fabulous, anticipating the look in his eyes tonight....

Please let me know your choice 077 8080 1102 and I'll organise it for you :-)


A groom bought three of these garters for his bride and her maids, for a Cornish wedding. He was looking for the Cornish colours black and gold to tie in with their 'Steampunk' theme. At the time we didn't have the Cornish tartan (we do now) but these garters are really special. The garters are hand stitched with hundreds of tiny seed beads and droplets adding a lovely drape to the garter.

"I collected the three garters this morning. They are exquisite, thank you so
much. I'm sure that the bride will be thrilled with them.

Thank you again, and best regards,



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