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Garters for TV and Film

Our Silk Garters on TV, in theatre and photo shoots...

Ordered by ITV Television for Coleen Nolan

ITV Loose Women show
We were asked by ITV's 'Loose Women' show to make this garter for one of the presenters who was getting married. It was embroidered with the words 'Loose Lady' and presented to her live on the show.

ITV Coronation Street
Lance Milligan head of ITV's Coronation Street Costume Department, asked us at Silk Garters to make a garter for 'Becky' Katherine Kelly, for her first wedding to Steve.

He asked for delicate pink satin with ivory lace and had the words 'GOOD LUCK' embroidered in ivory, to match the 'good luck' theme of the wedding.

I remember when his phone call came through in february we were all snowed in... The country was in gridlock there was no chance of anyone getting to work or the children going to school, we were actually sledging with the boys! He said the garter was needed in two days time, luckily for us the snow melted over night, I made the garter and it was sent special delivery to Lance for filming the next morning. Happy Days :-)

Watch Becky (Katherine Kelly) putting on her garter below... 


Watch The trailer to Becky and Steve's wedding above. Full of anticipation, you see Becky putting the pink silk garter on.
You can also watch both episodes...
Part 1  you see a flash of the pink garter as she hitches her skirts up coming out of the cafe. Then having a drink with Jay, she is using her garter to hold her packet of cigarettes!
Part 2   You see the garter fleetingly again as Becky is coming down the stairs in the factory, then sitting on the steps right at the end, realising she has made a mess of things...

We have also made garters for productions at the Shaftsbury Theatre in London and
Grant Ibtasama Masruuq Fine Art Photographer...

Special commission, over-knee Victorian inspired garters
''Hi Catherine,
The shoot went very well and I an more than happy with the results. I can now only hope that collectors and investors will see the images in the same way.
Many thanks for turning round my order so quickly. The images would not have been the same without the garters they added just what I was looking for.
Kindest regards

Grant asked us to make a small pair of ivory silk Victorian inspired garters to be worn with authentic black silk stockings just over the knee. These garters have a beautiful cotton lace edging in a Victorian shell design, typical of the period and it was made on machines from the 1800's.

Let us help you... 

It has been fabulous being asked to contribute to these productions. 
James Keast costume designer for Mr Selfridge is on YouTube saying how difficult it is to find authentic looking vintage garments, but with our authentic cotton lace made on machines from the 1800's, I'm sure we we could help...  I would love to make something for the 'Mr Selfridge' series and Downton Abbey or some of the great movies that are being made... There was a great scene in the most recent version of 'The three musketeers' where the beautiful double agent (Milla Jovovich) looked wonderfully provocative showing a narrow peach silk and lace garter...

If you are involved in TV or Film and would like a garter specially made to fit in with a scene, please give me a call, I would love to help! 077 8080 1102 Catherine

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