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This is a strange post for me to write, but I’ve recently joined ‘The Buy British Community’ on Facebook, sharing my wedding garters with hundreds of other small British businesses on there πŸ™‚


You will be amazed at the amount of manufacturing, still happening around the British isles. Ralph Lauren was in trouble during the British Olympics, because although he designed the USA’s kit, it was actually made in China, instead of sourcing from American farmers, mills and manufacturers, it all went abroad, yet still displayed the US flag.

It’s been shown that money spent with a small business can circulate through the local community up to twenty times. As soon as it’s spent with a big business, with shareholders, the spare is creamed off the top and removed from that community.

When shareholders are involved, companies are torn between two serving two bosses, the customer and the shareholder and it’s the supplier and the businesses own workforce that can suffer. I know someone who was an electrical contractor to a large multinational supermarket, the lighting in the warehouse, was dimmed to save money, it was unpleasant and dangerous, (would you work on electrics in the half dark?) so he moved on, but the company probably still have the ‘save every penny they can’ whatever the cost policy.

When I was at college one of our trips was to Kayser in Bedford, their main contract was nightwear for Marks and Spencer. When M & S sent their manufacturing abroad, there was no buffer, no small orders to keep the manufacturers going and Kayser along with hundreds of other small businesses folded.

But you shopping on the internet has put a new spin on things. Small manufacturers and designer / makers like myself, with my wedding garters :-), can sell direct to the customer. We no longer have to rely on a retailer stocking our product, we can work with you directly, with all the benefits that brings to both of us. You having something unique, custom made, me not having to go through a retailer…

So armed with this fabulous new power you have, take a look at Facebook and pop the hashtag #buybritishchristmas in the search bar and see what gems you come up with!

Here are a few I found πŸ™‚


  • The most beautiful wooden fountain pens!Β  www.whitlockwoodendesigns.com
  • Training kilt makers and making kilts in Scotland! www.facebook.com/GNKfamily
  • Drinks gifts made by silversmiths in Birmingham… www.thesilverfactory.co.uk


  • Elegant, classic silk PJ’s.Β  www.naturalbeautysleep.co.uk
  • Unique insulated covers for cafetiere coffee pots and cups keeping hot up to 60% longer! www.couva.co.uk/
  • Unique printed textile designer, making washbags and makeup bags, plus fabric sold by the meter www.20thcenturycloth.com


  • The softest childrens lambswool sweaters ages 7-14.Β  www.bonnieuk.com
  • Colour your own beanie, I just loved this idea, go over and design your own! www.k-nit.co.uk/custom
  • Hand crafted unique baby clothes, cleverly rolled into a ‘flower bouquet’ perfect for giving www.theflowerstork.com

And some of mine πŸ™‚


champagne wedding horseshoe and garter

A decadent blue and golds, ruffle wedding garter, made with layers of lace and ribbon in an extravagant band…a simpler champagne horseshoe to match…

Wedding garter and horseshoe set sophia

Delicate ivory wedding garter and horseshoe set, in an authentic Nottingham lace, gathered into a delicate ruffle and trimmed with a chiffon and lace flower…

Luxury Wedding garter set Silk Daisy

An extravagant, elegant French lace wedding garter on a silk band with a hand made pure silk flower, fine bows and diamante…Love this πŸ™‚

Go on pop #buybritishchristmas into the search bar, find something special πŸ™‚