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Your wedding day, the happiest day of your life, you plan for years and want everything to be just perfect. Even the tiniest little details.

You search for unique touches to make your day even more memorable. Not just for your friends and family but your darling new hubby too 🙂


Who Buys a Brides Personalised Wedding Garter?

Most brides choose to wear a garter on their wedding day, 85% in the last survey! Some to show it off with the garter toss, others keep it private for their partners eyes only…

Mothers, relations, friends, the MOH and bridesmaids, often gift a wedding garter to the bride. They’re looking for something special, personal to the bride, that she will treasure as a keepsake and even pass down as an heirloom! These treasured pieces will have unique details, that bring an ahh moment and often happy tears.

The bride may choose to buy her own… Seeing his smile when he reads you’ve put Mrs….(your new married name) on your garter. Proudly declaring your commitment.

Personalised wedding garter

Or adding both your names and a message of love x

Personalised wedding garter

Delicate silk embroidered with your names, ruffled rich Nottingham lace or a simple design. Elegant and sleek, your favorite colour embroidered in tiny stitches, undeniably romantic lettering in a flowing script.

So in Love, say it with embroidery…

Your initials, how many times have you doodled them intertwined in a love heart in the build-up to your big day?

Personalised garters

Brides Personalised Wedding Garter Heirlooms

Personalising your garter makes it truly special, it’s when it becomes uniquely yours. Include your wedding date too and it’s a lovely idea to wear it on your wedding anniversary!

Hide your names inside, secretly for you, or add them to the front as part of the design, because it’s a lovely declaration of your love for each other.

With many of the designs, you can choose your own colours, something blue or how about your favorite colour? Or to match your wedding theme!

custom colours wedding garter personalised

How to Personalise Your Garter

Hide your date inside, or a special message… Top Tip: You can fit your initials and wedding date in numbers on one line e.g.  E & T    24/08/2024

Personalised wedding garter

Choose an elaborate script font or simple text, a line to a poem or novel, something quirky or cheeky, something that means something to you both, something you 🙂

How to Order Your Personalised Garter

Take a look at the personalised section of the website or ask me about having a bespoke wedding garter made.

Bespoke wedding garters

Mothers of the bride and groom, often tell me, that after several house moves, their wedding garter is the one thing they still have, from their own wedding day…

Catherine x