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23Feb Silk Garters Review of the Personalised Ivory Silk Satin Wedding Garter

Catherine, sorry it's taken me so long but I just want to say thank you very much for the recently ordered garter.  It is, as I expected, absolutely fantastic.  Thank you too for the kind gesture of the little note for the bride.  This will be all my girls married now…

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23Jan Brides Favorite Personalised Wedding Garters

Your wedding day, the happiest day of your life, you plan for years and want everything to be just perfect.You search for unique touches to make your day even more memorable, not just for your friends and family but your darling new hubby too :-)Most brides choose to wear a…

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14Nov Personalised bridal Garters, Your New Married Name, the Perfect Romantic Keepsake!

So you've been doodling your new married name, trying out your new signature, anticipating what it will be like to be Mrs... dreaming about seeing your names together in print... but when will be the first time you actually see it written down?This is where I come in :-) Quite often…

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08Jun Personalised Wedding Garter in Ivory, New Photos, Best Seller!

It can sometimes be difficult to choose a gift for someone if you’re not sure of their style and preferences…This personalised wedding garter has been in the range since we started, we've given it a new look with a dainty little Swarovski pearl flower, and is still one of our…

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06Jun Fabulously Funny and Highly Recommended With A Blue Garter Too!

https://www.silkgarters.co.uk/up-to-25/baby-blue-embroidered-tulle-bridal-garter-with-long-tail-bow-4040I’ve read most of the Sophie Kinsella ‘Shopaholic’ series, they’re a fabulously funny read, where the well meaning heroine Becky Brandon seems to go from one scrape to another. You’re taken on a roller coaster ride of emotions, with everything working out well in the end. Great if you’re looking…

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