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30Jun DIY Weddings…

When I had the lingerie boutique, a lovely customer of mine, (who has over the years become a wonderful friend) would pop in for her favorite lingerie… We’d chat while she was making her selection and she told me of a DIY wedding that she was going to…

This was the 1980’s, Britain was in crisis with a terrible recession and interest rates peaked at 15%. (How much would your mortgage be with that interest rate?)

The happy couple wanted to get married but there wasn’t money to spare for a lavish wedding and they were quite adamant about the type of ‘help’ they were prepared to accept…

Instead of gifts, they asked each of their guests to do something for them… My friend joined other guests making a choir, her husband was chauffeur with his Jaguar. Everyone played a part, or made something for the wedding day, flowers, dresses, photographer, nothing was overlooked. It took some planning and she was quite concerned whether they could all pull it off on the day, it took some co-ordinating!

But they did and she later told me it was the most fabulous wedding she had ever been to, everyone had been made to feel like an essential part of their special day.

I think that this time around, DIY weddings are more about handmade than saving money (although it’s always a bonus!)

There is a real revival in craft, while the world is hurtling past, people want to slow down, relax and create… (Look at the amazing craze of loom bands that even managed to drag young lads away from their xboxes!) It gives immense satisfaction, to look at a finished product and know that you made it.

Time spent with your friends, sitting around the kitchen table, making favours for your wedding guests, while you chat, drink tea (or something stronger!) reminisce on good times and plan the wedding… that’s priceless.

Couples want something unique and if they’re not making it themselves, they’re still looking for products that they can put their own personal stamp on.

There has been a huge upsurge in demand for all quality handmade items. I had an enquiry from a lady in Ireland, who’s daughter is getting married in the summer. Her father was Scottish and they had decided to have a heather and tartan theme. They travelled over to Scotland to choose their tartan, while there they had seen all kinds of handmade tartan wedding accessories that she just couldn’t resist buying… She found our garter and horseshoe sets online and thought that the Modern Pride of Scotland tartan, with it’s purples and blues, was just perfect with the heather bridesmaid dresses. I hope they send a photo of the little one presenting the bride with her horseshoe…

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