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Yes, custom made and bespoke garters… that’s something we can do!

You can have the ring actually attached to the garter, maybe with a loop of ribbon so that the ring is seen, or you can have it hidden in a little sixpence bag…

The sixpence bags are usually stitched closed, but we could put some kind of fastening on there instead, like a popper… having a fastening would be a little more work, than the regular sixpence bag. But you wouldn’t need to post the ring to us, just let us know the ring’s measurements 🙂

Sixpence bag, made to match your wedding garter

A sixpence bag, attached to your garter, can contain a precious memento, just let us know before you place your garter order.

Ayana garter with sixpence bag

Take a look at the wedding garters on the website and see which garter style you like…

If we’re attaching the ring to the garter with ribbon, it may be nice dropping down from a bow, like the pearl drop on this personalised garter. If you choose to have it attached like this, we would just add it as we made the garter and that wouldn’t cost any extra, but please make sure you send it to us by some kind of secure/special delivery/registered post 🙂

Amara Personalised garter choose your own colours