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Why Wear a Wedding Garter?

Have you just become engaged and you’re wondering what a wedding garter is all about and if you really need one?

Here are 6 reasons to wear a wedding garter, you won’t want to miss out!

6 reasons to wear a wedding garter

1) Tradition

The ancient custom of wearing a garter, traces its origins to the thought that anything the bride wore, would bring good luck. Originally, the bride would have worn two garters to hold up her stockings, happy to toss one and still have the other as a keepsake. With the garter toss, it’s also a whimsical tradition believed to shower good fortune on the lucky recipient.

Wedding garter, handmade with silk ribbon roses and blue

2) Something Blue

Wearing a blue garter or sprinkling a hint of blue onto it, is the perfect way to cover your ‘Something Blue’, from the “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” tradition!

Bride Wearing a wedding garter

3) Fun

Wearing a garter is sexy and fun. It’s something you wouldn’t usually wear and that just makes you feel different! I had a bride tell me she felt quite cheeky knowing she had it secretly hidden and no one knew she was wearing a garter! You can have some fun with the garter toss too.

Traditional wedding garter

4) A magical moment

Many of my garters are bought by the Mother of the bride, it’s something she remembers her own mother doing for her, the gift bringing a magical moment between them. So she chooses a special garter for her daughter to wear… Keeping the tradition alive is a very special thing.

Chateau wedding bride with Silk Garters

5) Your partner will love it!

Having your garter secretly hidden under your wedding dress, makes you feel just a little bit cheeky and your partner will love it!
I had call from a bride in a panic… She’d asked what her partner was most looking forward to about their wedding.

His reply was ‘Seeing your garter’.

She didn’t have one! She didn’t realise it was something he’d even thought about! So a week before the wedding, she was on the phone to me, asking if I could make a garter for their special day. And yes, I made it specially, to arive in time 🙂

Heirloom wedding garter a special keepsake

6) Heirloom

A wedding garter is small enough to be kept and treasured, a precious keepsake to passed on, to another special bride.

So there are six captivating reasons, why a bride would wear a wedding garter… I have been lucky to be asked to make really individual wedding garters, using elements from the MOB’s own wedding garter from years before, and even from her wedding dress! These make truly sentimental pieces, something with such a lovely story. You can read about one MOB choosing for her two daughters here

So, what do you think? Will you be carrying on with the wedding garter tradition and wearing a garter?

Catherine x

A huge thank you to everyone involved in this gorgeous shoot

Photographer: @shrigleyphotographyfilm
Wedding venue: @chicheley_Hall
Wedding planner and stylist: @acornandoak_weddings
Model: @afro.adventures
Alternative bridalwear designer: @carolineversallionbridal
Floral designer: @butterfly.road
Garter & choker @silkgarters
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Bridal footwear designer: @houseofelliotlaceboots
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